More than just insurance coverage.

A smart solution for families who have more to protect.

Do You Have a Home Exceeding $1 Million in Value?

Byrne Insurance Group has an interesting new insurance product to offer high net worth families with home values exceeding $1 million. Introducing PURE: a member-owned group of responsible, financially-successful families who own valuable homes and other high net worth assets such as automobiles, watercraft, golf carts, jewelry and musical instruments. Thanks to careful member selection, a low cost of capital and proactive risk management, PURE members report an average savings of over 20% on their homeowners insurance.

Do You Have a Car, Either New or Vintage, With a Very High Value?

PURE’s auto policy insures your vehicle for an agreed-upon value rather than its actual cash value (making it possible to actually replace that vintage beauty or new luxury vehicle).

Learn More About PURE Insurance by Byrne Insurance Group

PURE insurance has such an innovative model that it has a 95% member retention rate. Learn how you can insure your high net worth assets with better service at a lower price. Terri Jewel is the PURE liaison at Byrne Insurance Group of Louisville. Call her at (502) 426-4200, ext 2203 or email her at [email protected] to see if you qualify today.